General Terms of Business



Our General Terms of Business are based upon those promulgated by the Occupational Group for Hotels and Related Establishments within the Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) e.V.

  1. A contractual relationship is considered to have been established as soon as a room is ordered and deemed acceptable by the guest or, in cases where due to time constraints, the guest has not deemed the room acceptable, when the room has been made ready for him / her.
  2. The closing of the contract between guest and pension obligates both to fully honoring its conditions regardless of how long the contract had originally been intended to remain in force.
  3. Pension management is obligated to provide the guest compensation when expenses are incurred by the guest in obtaining a comparable room should a room not be available when he / she arrives.
  4. Should a guest not make use of contracted services, he / she is obligated to pay the agreed upon or standard rate for those services minus any savings the pension management realizes there from.
  5. The savings amount to 15% of the nightly room rate in the case of a night's stay booked with breakfast.
  6. Pension management is expected to exercise "all good faith" in seeking to fill rooms the originally scheduled guest has decided not to use. This would reduce the pension's losses (and the original guest's liability). Insofar as this cannot be done, the guest is obligated to pay the sum stipulated in paragraph 4, above.